The home straight

The good news is I have 14 days of work and six days off before my translation of Radisson needs to be sent to the publisher. The bad news is that I still have a fair bit to do between now and then, but it’s all manageable. And now I can feel the adrenaline kicking in. Now I feel like I’m really working. It’s like exam term all over again!

Two things have cheered me up this week. The first is a really positive review for the last novel I translated, I Hate Hockey, in Publishers Weekly.

“McCambridge’s excellent translation retains the prolific Québécois author’s tight narrative and biting voice… powerful.”

Words to keep me going over the next few weeks.

And the second thing that is keeping me sane, or to be more accurate, that is keeping me from going blind, is a brilliant little piece of software called Workrave. It pops up on my desk every 45 minutes to remind me to take a screen break or I’ll regret it in the morning. It’s a real lifesaver right now!

2 thoughts on “The home straight

  1. Bravo Peter, Une critique positive de ce type, ça vaut de l'or. Et ça me donne le goût de lire ton Radisson en anglais. Sans même me préoccuper de lire le français et l'anglais côte à côte (comme il m'est arrivé de faire, mais, ouf, c'est exigeant, et le plaisir de la lecture est vite supplanté par le plaisir… du travail; mais en toute honnêteté, je vois mal, maintenant, comment je pourrais lire Radisson en anglais sans le français à portée de main… juste pour voir… de temps à autre… ce que disait le français… et vlan! you're caught! you're working again; so I'll really try to stay away from any French copy of it, and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading YOUR Radisson. But it won't work, you know it. I'll have to get a French copy as well. A curse. This love comes with strings attached! Félicitations!!). Just make sure you post the day when it's out.Best,Robert Blouin, C. Tr.

  2. Congrats on the praise for your novel translation, Peter! ;-)I wasn't as organized as you during my last novel translation, but every couple of weeks when other work was popping up, taking time away from my full concentration on that, I would sit down and calculate where I was, where I needed to be. Sometimes, though, rather than keep me sane I grew a little panicky at the black-and-white reality. Good luck — and do keep taking those breaks. They're much needed.

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