Now this is really the home stretch

I am now well and truly into the home stretch of translating Radisson. As I juggle rereading chapters with finishing off the text that remains to be translated, I have been struck by a few things.

Over at intralingo, I remember writing once that I gave every chapter to my friends to read, apart from Chapter 1. The thinking behind this being that Chapter 1 has already been read over so many times that it’s the least likely to contain mistakes. I have realized this is rubbish. Yes, it has been read over lots of times before, but it was also the chapter where I was still feeling my way into the text and didn’t quite have the tone of the translation yet.

I have also reached the stage where rereading chapters does little good any more. I now know whole chunks of the novel practically off by heart and if you gave me any paragraph, I’m pretty sure I could tell you which chapter it came from.

Another thing I have noticed is how little I am changing my translation at this stage: it has stayed very stable since the first draft.

Changing the font size to 16 is also going to stop me going blind this week, I hope.

Wish me luck! It should all be ready to be sent off this time next week…

One thought on “Now this is really the home stretch

  1. Wow, Peter! It doesn't seem like you've been working on the book that long and you're nearly done. Good on ya!As for your new thoughts on having others read your Chapter 1, I'd have to agree. It's a chapter that often needs reworking based on all you've discovered in the next however-many chapters.Good luck, bon courage and suerte finishing up!

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