Being organized

I’ve been off work on paternity leave for the past three weeks. It’s been a quiet three weeks. Alex has been sleeping like an angel and I’ve had plenty of time to read books I’ve been thinking might be nice to translate. It has also given me plenty of time to review how I work, to get my inbox under control, that kind of thing.

A few email services have been a big help, so I thought I’d share them. sends me one daily email of links to all the email newsletters and lists (from publishers, literary magazines, and the like) that I sign up to. That way I can scan one email and not be constantly interrupted as I work by another publisher’s newsletter landing in my inbox (they are automatically marked as read as they come in and added to the next email).

The Browser also sends me one daily email, with four or five articles that are well worth a read. I’ve learned to trust the browser more and more. Before, I would see an interesting article from The Atlantic and think, “Oh, I really must sign up for the newsletter from The Atlantic too.” Now, I try to rely on The Browser to read around for me, leaving me more time to translate.

The final change I’ve made is to read my Facebook stream on flipboard, which a) looks gorgeous and b) helps me to skim read rather than try to read every single post from every single publisher I’ve liked. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll miss a photo of a cat in a publisher’s office somewhere.