My new routine: How to be a more productive translator

And so, after all this build-up, here at last is my brand-new routine. It probably won’t all work for you, but maybe you’ll at least find a detail or two to steal and use yourself.

6 am – 6.30 am : Wake up and get up right away.

Drink a big glass of water and go to the gym or go for a walk outside. Stretch and drink more water. Smoothie for breakfast.

7 am : Look after my kids when my wife leaves for work. Buy some groceries with them and drop them off at daycare around noon.

12 pm to 1 pm : Lunch.

1 pm : Start work. Email alerts on iPhone only. No Facebook, Twitter, or iPad until my working day is over.

1 pm to 3.30 pm : Translate 700 words of Radisson and 550 words of La Fiancée américaine. Read 10 pages of the next book I want to pitch.

3.30 pm to 5 pm : Other freelance work.

5 pm to 8 pm : Have dinner. Talk to wife and kids(!) 🙂

8 pm to 9 pm : Québec Reads (Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook) website and translation work.

9 pm : (If I’m feeling enthusiastic) Read 3 Pocket articles, Le Devoir, a New Yorker short story, a page or two of Middlemarch, an article of two from The Economist.

10 pm Bed.