Progress report

So less than a week into my new routine and it’s already taken a bit of a hammering. It’s the World Cup, so my heart has ruled my head and I’ve been working hard to fit three (or four) soccer games a day into my schedule. We also haven’t been sleeping particularly well.

A day or two of not working at all and I’ve fallen behind. This has meant bumping up the number of words a day to 1,600 for Radisson (which needs to be finished by the end of the month) and to 800 for La Fiancée américaine, which I plan to send off on July 7. I’ve also changed my routine to work from Monday to Friday only, rather than doing less over seven days a week.

The new routine seems to be very manageable, and I’m hoping not working at all over weekends is going to leave me feeling more rested and with a free hour or two to check my translations against the original French, which I’ve fallen behind on.