Tools of the Trade: No More Tears

A few times a day, or a few times a week, I ask myself an important question: Would I cry if I lost this? Often the answer is “Hell, yes!” The solution takes no more than ten seconds. I make a backup. I already have all my translation folders automatically synched from my computer to Dropbox using a great little program called Allway Sync, but this ten-second rule has saved me I don’t know how many times.

1. Would I cry if I lost this document? Yes.

2. CTRL+A to select all text in the document. CTRL+C to copy it.

3. Open new Word document.

4. CTRL+V pastes all the text in.

5. CTRL+S saves it somewhere different (on my hard drive, in the cloud, on my desktop, wherever) under a different name, as backup.docx.

That’s it. It takes ten seconds, people! Do it! I particularly like the way you save the text as a new file. You’re not just copying and saving the entire file, which might be or become corrupt. You’re saving the stuff you care about – your translation – and putting it somewhere safe.

So would you cry if you lost what you’re working on right now? Do you have ten seconds to spare?