The Closed Door

My translation of Lori Saint-Martin’s excellent “The Closed Door” (Les Portes closes) is now available from Ekstasis.

“Every couple has its pacts, spoken or unspoken,” says Catherine, one of the narrators. “Ours is more twisted than most: I don’t cheat on my husband, while he only cheats on me with his models. And then only once, when the painting is finished. That way it doesn’t count. He owns up, I forgive him: that’s our pact. Sometimes I think it has served us well.”

In a series of alternating monologues, both halves of a couple examine close to 35 years of marriage. Years of togetherness, and of growing apart; of opening up the door to their studios, and of shutting each other out.

You can read more about the book and purchase it from the publisher here.

closed door cover