P.T. Smith on Québec literature

Reviewer P.T. Smith has a great piece on Québec literature in translation this week over at the Three Percent blog. It’s very, very quotable…

“The absence of American literature has been replaced by the dark, funhouse-skewed mirror of Quebec. The landscape, the cultural habits, the experiences, especially as a New Englander, are in so many ways familiar, but foreign, not just across borders, but across language, with parallel traditions, and ever aware that it’s looking back across the mirrored plane. Reading the novels and stories on the other side of the mirror, it’s obvious how self-conscious Quebecois are in their relationship to the rest of Canada, and to the US, aware of the dominance on the other side, and as they accept the influence, remain resentful and determined to prove that they, the reflection, is a living, powerful creature.”

But you should really go read the whole thing for yourself here. It’s well worth five or ten minutes of your time.