‘Life in the Court of Matane’ by Eric Dupont (Review)

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IMG_5468While I have read books by a couple of Canadian writers over the course of my reviewing career, it’s not a country that frequently appears on my virtual travel itinerary, and the French-speaking part of the country has thus far been terra incognita.  Today’s post, however, sees a trip to the frozen north for my first taste of Québécois literature, and we even get to welcome a brand-new publisher to the blog too.  We’re going back in time to experience a slightly unusual childhood – but one with a rather regal touch…

Life in the Court of Matane (translated by Peter McCambridge, review copy courtesy of QC Fiction) is writer Eric Dupont’s take on a large chunk of his formative years.  After their parents’ marriage disintegrates, young Eric and his elder sister first stay with a horrendous foster family (a time which is mercifully skipped over…

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Heart-rending. Heart-wrenching. Heart-stopping. Heartwarming. Sigh.

Seriously. Heartwarming is the only one not to be hyphenated, in the Oxford Canadian at least. Is it any wonder I look everything up in the dictionary just to be sure?